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Music geekery

Teaching may-mester, which is killing me, but relatively quickly and painfully, so there's that.  Once it's over, I'll take a day or two to recover (I'll need it, and then launch into Operation Do Real Research, Get Publications and Keep My Job. 

But in more exciting news, I'm instrument geeking as always. Been playing the Anglo Concertina, and got motivated by it and frustrated with it enough that as soon as it takes to ship a box from England, I should be getting a 1905 Lachenal English Concertina.

Yep, my new toy will be 104 years old, and relatively young for a concertina at that.

The concertina is a variety of squeezebox, and the English concertina a particularly interesting sort. It was invented by general all-round Victorian mad scientist Charles Wheatstone (who also invented the electric telegraph, more or less) as a classical instrument of equal range as the violin.  It's made to be a completely logical instrument for playing melodies fast.  (As opposed to the Anglo concertina, which is like a pair of harmonicas stuck together made for confusing me.

We'll see.

In the meantime, I've become a much less-terrible clawhammer banjoist, and my guitar has even improved marginally.  Clearly, I should be spending more time in the library.

Pictures to come when my Edwardian (and expensive, for me) baby arrives.

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