Lucretius (lucretius) wrote,

I have a problem

I've realized that I have an addiction.

I'm really really fond of buying musical instruments, and half-assed learning how to play them. I've known this since I was a teenager. But recently, stumbling over the cases in my living room, I realize that I have enough instruments, good, bad, and ugly, valuable, workhorse, and unusable pile of parts, that I could make my own novelty orchestra.

Lots of them are worth a lot more than I paid for them, and I've considered selling some off or trading them in, but it'd be like selling my kids (though, you know, for the right price, kids and instruments alike).  I'm still on ebay almost every day.

A partial list:

  • Martin LX1E 
  • Martin LXM (Black)  --These are great little guitars. I recommend them to everyone.
  • 1966 Fender Mustang in Dakota red (my first electric guitar--a great student model surf guitar, which thankfully Kurt Cobain used to play)
  • Ibanez Roadstar (80’s)
  • Gibson ES-125 TC (1957) hollow-body electric
  • Jupiter Beach Music concert-uke-scale 6-string electric guitar (neat neat instrument, though the guy was obviously just learning to make 'em when this one was done)
  • Alvarez acoustic (well beaten)
  • FCWE Gypsy Kings model thin-bodied acoustic-electric classical guitar (a hand-me-down I can't do justice to)
  • Fender Coronado II Electric Bass
  • Cheap Yamaha ¾ scale classical guitar
Banjo family critters
  • Fretless gourd 5-string Banjo (unknown maker)
  • Slingerland banjo ukulele (mid-late 20’s)
  • Slingerland 8-string banjo ukulele (not, as I thought, a banjo mandolin—mid-late 20’s)
  • Melody banjo (early 1900s, in parts, needs a new head)
  • Tenor banjo (in parts, needs a new head)
Ukuleles and uke-like things
  • Yasuma Tiple (a clone of the 20’s Martin tiple—a 10-string rhythm instrument)
  • Favilla soprano ukulele (mid-late 40’s)
  • Koaloha concert ukulele (all koa, 2004 or so--a wonderful sweet thing)
  • Beltona “blue” fiberglass concert resonator ukulele (made in New Zealand)
  • Ovation soprano ukulele
  • Cheap wooden uke (out on loan)
  • Garcia Charango (10 string fabulous Andean instrument--you see 'em in those pan-flute playing street groups now and again)
  • Oscar Schmidt chromatic autoharp (all black crappy student model, no soundhole--recently reconditioned by yours truly)
  • Cheap octave mandolin (needs a setup)
  • Cracked cheap mandolin (unfortunately unsable)
  • Strange cheap wooden banjo-thing from the far east ebay  (AntonioTsai or somesuch
  • Rochelle Anglo C/G Concertina (my latest obsession)
  • Harmonicas, tin whistles, and kazoos (which I can't play)
  • Cheap powder-blue Chinese xylophone, which gives me headaches to play
  • A Cretan lyra, obviously homemade (a bowed instrument where the notes are formed with the fingernails).  Can't made a decent note on this one--almost all the others I can play songs on.
  • A thumb piano thingie I bought at the ren faire. Beautiful sounding, very hard to tune.
  • An electronic keyboard, which I can't play at all--though if I could sell my soul to play swinging New Orleans piano, I might
  • Bodhran (cheap) -- I'm hopeless with the rhythm


  • 70’s Fender blueface Twin Reverb
  • 60’s Fender blackface Princeton Reverb
I considered taking pictures.  But I couldn't quite fit it in one or seventeen pictures.
So confess, dear readers:  what are your obsessions?
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