Lucretius (lucretius) wrote,

Another lame update post

Since last I posted, I have:

  • Gotten kickass Christmas presents, including but not limited to:   a skull (ersatz), a nice green laser to put a dot one half mile away atop a tower, some strange water purifying UV wand thing, and a top hat.  Note:  I look damn fine in a top hat.  And so tall.  I'm waiting for it to come back.
  • Finished one semester, applied for new courses, and wound up with completely different courses than I asked for, thanks to unpredictable enrollment.
  • Began teaching World Literature 1. Enlil is my copilot.  Sing it Sappho.  Yay Iliad War Porn with crappy Gamer Gods!
  • Developed an unwise admiration of the Dresden Dolls. If I'd heard them 10 years ago, I'd have bought a bowler hat and face paint.  Wait--I have a bowler hat.
  • Watched good movies.  Best in the last two weeks:  El Orfanato/ The Orphanage (A fine fine film) and 3:10 to Yuma (ditto, despite my usual Western antipathies).  I recommend both to my friends who enjoy anguish and / or westerns.
  • Found myself swearing like a sailor.  Friday, I will have a hard time not going into class and saying, "Oedipus. That motherfucker."
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