Lucretius (lucretius) wrote,

Wherein I note a few things

I nearly lost a publication opportunity due to a spam filter.   Our technology punishes us for not jumping through periodic hoops.  Mild paranoia seems like a requirement.  I am chastened, and will be digging through more diligently in the future, I'm sure.

I never feel quite right unless I'm procrastinating something serious but relatively minor.  The worry and dread seems like the steam to my engine. The trick is getting something to steaming in there that won't explode on me.

Daily Link:  UlyssesSeen  -- a webcomic based on Joyce's Ulysses.  I have a lot of respect for that guy for taking on such a crazily ambitious project.  I would think it should be years in the illustrating.  I'm very wary of committing to endless projects myself.

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