Lucretius (lucretius) wrote,

Purging the Semester (from every orifice)

So, one day after turning in grades for the semester, we went out to have a meal in a nearby town, and have come down with The Food Poisoning.

On the bad side, our newfound free time has now been spent for the past 48 ours or so alternating unnatural bodily fluxes.  Even the humor is wearing a little thin. In fact, all of my humors are, I think, dribbling out my ear.

On the other hand--I suppose I've kicked off my holiday diet with a 48 hour gatorade-and-crackers-fest.  And as the last semester was full of mild depressive features (though otherwise quite uneventful), I suppose a purge might be good for me.

By the way, Red Jello, under certain circumstances, can be the food of the gods.
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